Steve Tremmel and I met through my Hippie Kushi Facebook Group online. We soon become good friends and started attending some amazing festivals together. After experiencing two wonderful festivals that changed our mindset (Whirl-y-Fayre and Noisily), we came up with the idea of the Hippie Kushi Event Tent.

I was already running a festival business, my Hippie Utsaah shop selling hippie clothing and accessories and Steve felt he wanted to open a catering business. I suggested we join the two together under one banner and the Hippie Kushi Event Tent was born.

As frequent visitors to India, we loved the idea of housing our business in one of the beautiful Jaipur tents we had seen there. We felt we could house it all together under the umbrella of the well-known Hippie Kushi brand. Our beautiful tent would hold not only a shop but also a cafe, acoustic music stage, and DJ booth. What has come out of all of this is a dynamic, and unique festival experience.